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Manufacturers & Suppliers Sub-committee

Sub-committee of Membership This sub-committee reviews and recommends programs serving the manufacturer and supplier members of NEAAPA, and formulates recommendations for services to that segment.
Joseph Montalto
Committee Chair High Mountain Enterprises, President
Ed Hodgdon
NEAAPA Secretary NEAAPA - New England's Entertainment Association, Secretary
Kevin Naughton
Naughton Insurance, Inc., President
Erik Beard
International Ride Training, General Counsel
Thomas Tessitore
National Ticket Company, Account Executive - New England, New York, New Jersey
Kevin Estrela
Dippin' Dots, Region Manager - New England, NY & NJ
Jeff Rosen
Luckey, LLC, Director, Business Development
Jeff works with clients to make sure their Luckey climber is on time and on budget. With a US Patent, a law degree and decades of negotiating agree...