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This committee selects the location, time, and all ancillary activities that comprise this event. This includes menu selection, coordination with the hotel/restaurants, arranging transportation (as needed), develops a program of social events, seeks sponsors, and works with the hotel staff to ensure a successful event. Works closely with the Awards, Education, Hall of Fame, and M&S Committees to ensure space and other resources are available. Recommends a pricing strategy for the event to the Board for approval.
This committee selects winners of a variety of service awards given out each year at the time of the Annual Meeting.
Recommends policy and provides selection, supervision and direction for all Association education and training programs.
Has oversight of the accounting and finance reporting process, systems, and performance of internal accounting and financial controls, the integrity of the financial statements, the annual independent audit of the Association’s financial statements (if desired), the Associations compliance with legal and regulatory requirements related to these Bylaws, including the Association’s disclosure controls and procedures, and the evaluation of the Association’s risk issues. The Treasurer may be a member of the Finance Committee.
Solicits and selects annual NEAAPA Hall of Fame inductees.
Conducts a continuing program of government relations to the end that the interests of the Association and the industry which it serves in this region are communicated to the appropriate governmental agencies and that the membership is informed of the actions of the agencies which may affect the industry.
Sub-committee of Membership This sub-committee reviews and recommends programs serving the manufacturer and supplier members of NEAAPA, and formulates recommendations for services to that segment.
Discusses and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding membership recruitment, membership retention, and membership services in general. Coordinates and supports the work of constituency committees. Sub-Committees: - Arcades - Family Entertainment Centers - Food & Beverage - Manufacturers & Suppliers - Mobile Attractions - Parks - Water Parks
Nominates slates of candidates to serve as directors subject to Board approval. Works to ensure Board composition reflects the Association’s diverse membership. This committee consists of a total of 5 persons appointed by the President. Typically, this committee is comprised of Past Presidents. The President shall appoint the Chair not later than August in each year.
Members of NEAAPA who volunteer and work with the Board of Directors and Officers, serving on committees and furthering the work of the Board and NEAAPA.