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Awards Committee

This committee selects winners of a variety of service awards given out each year at the time of the Annual Meeting.
John Guertin
Committee Chair
Guertin Graphics and Awards
Ed Hodgdon
NEAAPA Secretary
NEAAPA - New England's Entertainment Association
Sandra Manougian
Fun World
Cindy Brewer-Lavoie
Southwick's Zoo
CFO VP Food & Beverage
Kevin Estrela
Dippin' Dots
Region Manager - New England, NY & NJ
Jeff Rosen
Luckey, LLC
Director, Business Development
Jeff works with clients to make sure their Luckey climber is on time and on budget. With a US Patent, a law degree and decades of negotiating agreements for experience design projects in 36 countries, Jeff is a passionate attractions industry advocate. Having worked for several IAAPA legends, Jeff is an expert at facilitating development of creative materials and helping clients navigate the planning issues involved in starting a museum, science center or theme park. Working closely with economic feasibility consultants, operations consultants and a diverse creative team, Jeff knows how to initiate creative projects with efficiency and precision. At Luckey, Jeff works closely with creative lead Spencer Luckey, to provide clients with a "high touch" customer service approach. In addition to creating proposals and sales/marketing materials, his job is to listen to clients and advocate for them, so they have a positive experience throughout the various phases of work.