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NEAAPA Hall of Fame Nomination Form

Nominate a person who has contributed greatly to the attractions industry in the Northeast United States.
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Nominee's Mailing Address (Living Only)
Please upload a document, stating why this nominee should be selected for induction into the NEAAPA Hall of Fame. Include significant contributions to the industry in Northeast United States. This statement will form the basis of the citation should your nominee be selected.
Please attach a statement setting forth the resume of your nominee, including such things as his/her professional involvement within the attractions industry, the special contributions he/she made to the industry and to his/her own company, recognized traits of leadership and character, etc. Use as much space as needed to fully describe the nominee’s qualifications for induction into the Hall of Fame.
Please list and attach to this form any documents such as magazine articles, newspaper stories, and other citations, which feature the nominee and support your belief that the individual deserves induction into the Hall of Fame. If the nominee is deceased, please provide contact information for any living relatives or colleagues.
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Additional Reference
Below, please list one other person whom you believe have sufficient knowledge about the nominee to provide the committee with supportive information if asked to do so by the committee. (Please understand that the committee will not be influenced by receipt of a flood of supportive letters or forms.)
Additional Reference