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Ride Entertainment Focused on Future Growth

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October 04, 2018
As Ride Entertainment continues to celebrate a remarkable first 20 years it is also keeping an eye on the future. In order to facilitate the continued exceptional growth Ride Entertainment has experienced since its founding, it announced the company will create two divisions to manage all of their activities under the larger Ride Entertainment banner.

The Business Development division will include the Attraction Sales, Ride Installations, Financial Partnerships, and SkyCoaster® business segments. Day to day operations will be overseen by Adam Sandy, long-serving Chief Business Development Officer of Ride Entertainment who will now assume the role of President of this division. “I am thrilled to be a part of the companies continued evolution.” Adam said, “I have loved my fourteen years with Ride Entertainment and am excited to grow all of our segments that serve the industry.”

The Parks and Attractions division will include the operations that Ride Entertainment has in its portfolio. Parks and Attractions will be overseen by David Galst, current Managing Director of Operations, who will now assume the role of President of this division.  “It has been an incredible journey developing the operations division of Ride Entertainment over the past seven years,” David said.  “I look forward to continue growing with our current and future sites.”

Ed Hiller, CEO of Ride Entertainment, commented: “the new divisions and leadership will position our company for future growth as we continue to expand our global footprint in the entertainment industry.”

About Ride Entertainment
Ride Entertainment is a world leader in providing Sales, Operations, Financial Partnerships, Park Operations, and Installations to the attractions industry. With offices in Stevensville, Baltimore, and Manhattan the company employs more than 150 people and has projects all around the world.   Ride Entertainment is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2018. Find out more at

Adam Sandy
Adam Sandy, President of the Business Development division

David Galst, President of the Parks and Attractions division

Ed Hiller, CEO of Ride Entertainment
Ed Hiller, CEO of Ride Entertainment
Jon Meeker, Sales & Marketing Manager