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Funtown Splashtown USA contracts with Dome Technologies for Astrosphere project

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October 25, 2018
Funtown Splashtown USA is updating one of its icon attractions, the Astrosphere. The park is switching from an airform dome to a reinforced-concrete dome that will house a Scrambler ride that includes a lasers, light, and sound show.

For the past 43 seasons, the Astrosphere has been inflated constantly by fan, and the airform is approaching the end of its lifespan. Park owners have employed air domes for this ride since 1976, requiring that the airform and ride be taken down for the off season, then reassembled come spring. “This has always been one of the most labor-intensive attractions to get ready and winterize each season,” said Funtown Splashtown USA senior vice president Bill Cormier.

“Once a concrete dome is up, it’s up. I don’t have to worry about hurricanes and wind storms and losing power,” said Cormier. “What I’m looking forward to is a building that’s going to be hard as a rock. It’s going to save me work, it’s going to be turnkey—in the spring I’ll turn on the light, do a little dusting, and we’ll be ready to go.”

Conditioning the Astrosphere has also been difficult historically, with weather dictating temperatures inside, including highs in the summer that exceed those outside—"not good for equipment and not good for team members,” Cormier said. The concrete shell will moderate temperatures and provide a backdrop for new laser shows and other special effects.

The project will also include cosmetic improvements to the area around the ride. When asked if the Astrosphere’s song, ‘Fire On High’ by ELO: Electric Light Orchestra will be changed for something else, Cormier stated, “No. And we are keeping the entrance and exit tunnels. This ride is loved by so many of our guests, we want to maintain the experience.”

This is Dome Technology’s first project with an amusement park. The project is expected to be completed in time for the park’s Opening Weekend in May 2019.
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